Weleda Birch Organic Juice 250ml

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Weleda Birch Organic Juice 250ml

With organic silver birch to help the body eliminate toxins.

The same health benefits as the elixir but in refreshing organic juice made without added sugar or honey for an authentic taste of birch and a touch of lemon juice.

To help cleanse the system help maintain vitality and leave skin looking clear and healthy.

Directions for use:

Dilute a tablespoon in water or tea 2-3 times daily. Alternatively, dilute the same amount of juice in a large bottle of mineral water to consume during the day. 3-6 weeks treatment is recommended to cleanse the system. Shake before use.

For a maximum benefit cleansing can be complemented with revitalising Sea Buckthorn. The juices can be added to a glass of water as a healthy drink, added to a bottle of mineral water to consume during the day, or even stirred into yoghurt at breakfast.


Aqueous extract of birch leaves* (94%), Lemon Juice** (6%)

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