Credit Card Authentication

Credit Card Authentication

Naturalhealthorganics fraud prevention/authentication process

In recent times we have experienced a high number of sales from fraudulent credit cards.

To protect our customers and ourselves we have now implemented a 2-step authentication process for new customers.

Note: This is a once off. If you are a repeat customer just respond to the authentication request with 'Repeat Customer'

You may have already received an email regarding this after placing an order using credit card, if you do not receive this email, that's ok!  Please view the process below:

  • We'll debit your card and then refund your card a small random amount (under $0.30 cents), we'll then notify you via SMS and email once this has been done
  • You can then check your online statement to confirm the amount. It will appear straight away as a pending transaction
  • After confirming the transaction, respond to the email with the amount and we will confirm your order

No access to internet banking?That's ok! if you can't log into your internet banking just give your bank a call and they will give you the amount to confirm with us.