Native Beeings Australian Native Bee Propolis Extract 30ml

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Native Beeings Australian Native Bee Propolis Extract 30ml

Proudly Australian

Safe for the Whole Family 

Flavonoid level 30+

100% Natural 

No Alcohol, Parabens or Chemical Solvents 

Biologically active and efficient with a 30+ flavonoid level, Australian Native Bee Propolis Extract is an antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and immune support supplement. It can be used as an aid in the treatment of skin conditions, for insect bites, burns and wounds, as a topical anaesthetic or the recovery of skin cancers.


Raw Australian Native Bee Propolis 25%

Bees make propolis from tree resins, young bud oils and plant sap that they collect to build unique hive structures to provide highly effective hive hygiene and safety. 

The medicinal properties of propolis have been known since ancient times. Propolis products are household natural remedies in traditional medicine and are becoming increasingly popular in Western Natural Therapeutic Health Care.

Organic Vegetable Oil (Glycerin)

Organic vegetable oil (glycerin) is a ‘humectant’, meaning it has the property of attracting water to itself. It is a moisturiser that actually attracts more moisture. Glycerin acts as a sponge that pulls in water to the outer skin layer from the deeper skin layers or even the air in humid environments. It also helps slow the evaporation of water from your skin to help foil that chronic winter dryness.


We use unique biophotonic violet glass packaging to protect the precious phenols and essential oils in the propolis from the harmful effects of light to increase the shelf life and revitalise the potency of the product.

How to use


Apply to your body by gently massaging a small quantity or thin layer of Propolis Extract to dry or sensitive skin. Do this several times a day or as needed to help heal, hydrate and moisturise.

Propolis Extract can also be applied directly to burns to soothe and prevent infection, or for open wound care.


Each morning gently massage Propolis Extract into your face, neck and décolletage and leave to soak into the skin for 3-5 minutes. Using a warm, soft towel, gently wipe off excess extract and apply additional skin care or makeup. Ideal to hydrate and moisturise before makeup application for a natural and smooth finish.

Propolis Extract can also be used to topically treat acne, eczema or as a spot treatment. With clean hands, apply a small amount to the problem area and leave overnight.

Once a week, use Propolis Extract for an ultra hydrating and healing face mask. Gently massage 2 full droppers into the skin. Leave on your skin and then wipe off before applying additional skin care.

Immunity and Gut Health

Simply add a full dropper of Propolis Extract to warm water and stir to combine. Consume each morning and evening to support the immune system and prevent cold and flu.

Alternatively, release 1 full dropper onto a spoon and consume directly twice a day. 

Propolis in Extract can be used daily by the whole family to protect against bacteria, viruses and inflammation that can slow you down. 

Mouth Health

Dilute 1 full dropper in a small amount of warm water, gargle then swallow. This can be done several times a day or as needed to treat sensitive gums or infection. Propolis Extract can also be applied directly to cuts, ulcers or infection to help heal and prevent infection.