Red Seal Sweet Dreams Tea 25 Teabags

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Red Seal Sweet Dreams Tea 25 Teabags

For a peaceful warming bedtime treat, to help soothe and calm your body with a gentle whisper of chamomile and passion flower, whilst peppermint helps to aid digestion, as you slip into slumberland. It is ideal to help you have a good night's sleep.


  • 100% pure herbs to help you drift off easily into deep, peaceful sleep.
  • Caffeine-free tea combining chamomile, lemon balm, valerian and stevia to help you recharge mind and body.
  • Helps relieve symptoms of stress and worry.
  • Non-addictive and hangover free.
  • 100% pure herbs.

Caution: Not recommended if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have hypothyroidism or are taking any sedative type medications.


  • Pour just-boiled water over the teabag.
  • Let it draw for 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Add honey or milk to taste if preferred.
  • Serve hot.
  • Herbal teas often require a longer drawing time but their aromas, flavours, and herbal properties make the wait worthwhile.
  • Store in an airtight container.


  • Chamomile flowers (Matricaria recutita)
  • Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)
  • Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)
  • Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata)
  • Lemon verbena (Aloysia triphylla)
  • Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis)
  • Stevia leaf (Stevia rebaudiana)