PPC Herbs Stress Plex 200ml

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PPC Herbs Stress Plex 200ml

Helps relieve stress, nervous tension and mild anxiety. Stress Plex is a relaxing, calming and gentle herbal mixture.

Each 2mL contains dry herb equivalent to:
  • St John’s Wort flowering tops, Hypericum perforatum 250mg
  • Passion flower leaf, Passiflora incarnata 250mg
  • Skullcap leaf, Scutellaria lateriflora 250mg
  • Glycerol

Adult: 2-5mL three times daily

Child (3-12 years): 1-3mL three times daily

Shake bottle well before use


Consult your healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist. St John’s wort affects the way some prescription medicines work. Contains Ethanol.

Stressplex, Stress-Plex