Phytality Clean Omega-3 Oil (Vegan DHA Oil) 50ml

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Phytality Clean Omega-3 Oil (Vegan DHA Oil) 50ml

Clean Omega-3 provides the purest form of DHA Algae oil, produced and extracted without any solvents! This provides a very light-coloured algae oil, which is flavourless, and odourless. No risk of oxidisation and guaranteed no more burps and bad aftertaste!

With added a lemon peel essential oil extract to give a lovely mild lemon taste that adults and kids can all enjoy! In additional, natural vitamin-E tocopherol which acts as an antioxidant to maintain the Omega-3 oil quality after opening. 

  • Vegan Omega-3
  • High-Potency
  • Natural Lemon Flavour & Odour Free
  • Water Extracted
  • Solvent-Free



Water Extracted Algae Oil (Schizochytrium sp.), Cold pressed Lemon Peel extract, Natural tocopherol anti-oxidant.

Directions for Use

Youth/Adult (>16 yrs) Standard dose*: 1 ml per day

Youth/Adult (>16 yrs) Boosting dose**: 2 ml per day

Child (> 2 yrs) Standard dose: 0.5 ml per day

Child (> 2 yrs) Boosting dose: 1 ml per day

Infants (<2 yrs) Dosage: Clean Omega-3 in its oil liquid form is safe for infant consumption. We would suggest that for infants that our Clean Omega-3 be mixed into their milk or food. Dosage should be considered based on the alternative sources of DHA the infant may be obtaining. A safe starting dose is 0.25ml (250mg), and then bringing it up to 0.5 (500mg) a week after beginning.

Standard Dose* is for people that are already obtaining Omega-3 DHA on an ongoing basis, from a food source or a supplement (including Clean Omega-3).

Boosting Dose ** is for people who have NOT been taking Omega-3 DHA in their diet and need to boost the DHA levels. In generally takes between 4 to 6 weeks of the boosting DHA dose, to get have a suitable DHA level (in ones blood plasma).

After a continuous 4 to 6 weeks of the BOOSTING DOSE, it's recommended to move to the STANDARD DOSE.

Please note: All above recommended dosage volumes are based on the DHA oil concentration delivered in our Clean Omega-3 dropper bottle. Please remember that the actual DHA concentration in our oil is 48%. For example, this means for 1000mg (1.0ml) of Clean Omega-3 oil, you are getting 480mg of DHA.