Percy's Powder 30 Sachets

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Percy's Powder 30 Sachets

Percy’s Powder is the original and legendary formulation, the only one approved by Percy Weston based on his 60 years of research.

Percy’s Powder is considered a blood tonic, it may help maintain healthy blood. It is a valuable source of iron and zinc. It’s a dietary supplement that contains essential minerals that has to be taken at least once a day, the same mineral powder he developed in the late 1940’s.

Why take Percy Weston’s Powder?
Because modern diets often don’t have enough minerals to balance the abundant acid minerals coming from soil that is conditioned or injected by fertilizers and processed additives.

Unfortunately, the quantities of magnesium, and other essential alkaline minerals in the western diet, have been falling for decades due to the use of chemical fertilizers. 

The main culprit: superphosphate.

Percy Weston, a Victorian farmer, knew that constant use of super-soluble phosphate fertilizers could skew the take-up of minerals and trace elements in food crops, producing mineral-poor foods. Therefore, modern diets do not have enough essential minerals to balance the alkalinity in the body. (see Cancer: Cause & Cure book by Percy Weston) 

Supplementing with Percy's Powder may

  • regulate water balance.
  • support blood health.
  • maintain red blood cell health.
  • assist muscle and nervous system function.
  • regulate cell nutrients.
  • help maintain/support healthy acid/alkali balance in the body.
  • maintain/support immune system health.
  • enhance energy levels.


Each 1.4g sachet contains:




Potassium (as sulphate)


Magnesium (as sulphate)


Zinc (as sulphate)


Iron (as sulphate)


Manganese (as sulphate)


Iodine (as potassium iodine)


Selenium (as selenomethionine)


Adults and Teenagers - Take one sachet of the powder daily, stir in a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon as recommended by Percy Weston. It makes a refreshing, effervescent drink.

Alternative beverages can be substituted instead of lemon juice if preferred. One daily dose is for people who weigh up to 65kg. People weighing more than 65 kg should increase the dose proportionately.



(Adults and children over 12 years). Take one sachet of the powder daily in a glass of water. Stir well. Best taken with the juice of half a lemon, with grapefruit, or in grape or apple juice.