Owen Homoeopathics Sulphur 6C 120 pilules

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Owen Homoeopathics Sulphur 6C 120 pilules

Sulphur has traditionally been used for the relief of the symptoms associated with dry, scaly skin conditions that are worse from bathing and the warmth of the bed. It may help the management of menopausal symptoms such as flushes and the discomfort of haemorrhoids. Sulphur may help the body to restore balance after illness or treatments.

Sulphur is an important trace mineral that may support detoxification and is part of a number of enzymes and proteins in our body. Sulphur, as a homoeopathic remedy, is commonly used in home prescribing for many different skin conditions such as rashes or itching skin. It is used to support slow convalescence after an illness or when complaints relapse, and is sometimes used to stimulate a response when a well-chosen remedy fails to act.
  • Burning pains
  • Rough, dry, scaly skin
  • Itching and burning, worse from heat and bathing
  • Hot burning feet, especially in bed
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Flushes of heat at menopause
  • Sleeps in, cat naps with frequent waking or wakes around 5 am

Better: Open air; sitting and leaning; free elimination
Worse: Heat; bathing; night; standing; over-exertion; hunger


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Sulfur 6C



Always read the label.
Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy.
If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly.