Organic Times Organic Black Strap Molasses 400g

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Organic Times Organic Black Strap Molasses 400g

Our organic blackstrap molasses is the most concentrated and nutritious form of molasses, made from the third and final boiling of the sugar cane syrup.
Blackstrap molasses is significantly more bitter than regular molasses, with a robust flavour. Unsulphured molasses is the choice, as the sulphuring influences the flavour and leaves the molasses with a distinct chemical taste and is less sweet.

Let it be the hero ingredient in your baking, both sweet and savoury. Use for marinades, bbq sauce, muesli and baking. Benefit from the calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron it has to offer as a nutritional supplement and home remedy.

Ingredients certified organic. No use of GMOs


Organic Blackstrap Molasses