Mt Retour Eucalyptus Essential Oil Certified Organic 10ml

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Mt Retour Eucalyptus Essential Oil Certified Organic 10ml

Assists in relieving stress, insomnia, migraines and nervous unrests.

Characteristic and Properties

Eucalyptus is a large tree with pointed, blue-green leaves that are intensely aromatic.
The oil extracted feels cool when applied to the skin, yet conversely feels warm internally, relaxing muscles. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties and can be used in vaporizers. Additionally it can help allieviate fever symptoms.

  • Respiratory support e.g. clears sinuses, breaks down mucus during cold and flu
    (Tip: Mist this oil on your pillow. Its fresh scent will ease inhalation problems)
  • Relieves cramps
  • Insect repellant
  • Promotes the healing of wounds


100% Certified Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil.


Multipurpose liquid (1ml/1ml)

Massage: 4 drops to 10ml carrier oil

Bath: 5 drops

Vaporiser: 9-10 drops in a bowl of vaporizer

Not to be taken. Do not apply directly to the skin.

Keep out of reach of children.

User Guide / Precautions

Eucalyptus essential oil is very powerful and should never be used undiluted on babies or young children (however it is safe to use in a diffuser or vaporizer). Adults should apply eucalyptus oil directly to the skin undiluted with caution. It is important to note, eucalyptus is one of the essential oils that should be avoided by epileptics and those with high blood pressure.

This organic essential oil is of the highest certified organic standard, made using Australian eucalyptus leaves. Along with relieving stress and insomnia it also offers the perfect relief from colds and flu. A few drops of certified organic eucalyptus essential oil can be added to a burner or you can add a few drops to your tissue and inhale gently.