Lotus Organic Quinoa Flakes Rolled 300g

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Lotus Organic Quinoa Flakes Rolled 300g

Quinoa is considered a superfood for its high nutritional content. Extremely versatile, Quinoa can be substituted for almost any grain. Quinoa flakes are made by rolling the pre-washed grain between two large rollers. Use as you would rolled oats or other grains.

Our organic Quinoa has one of the highest protein contents of any grain. It is high in fibre, gluten free and has a nutty taste. Organic quinoa is chemical free and non GMO. Lotus Quinoa is pre washed, to remove as much of the natural coating of bitter saponin.

Quinoa is easy to digest and is suitable as a vegan/vegetarian protein food source. It is very quick and convenient to cook. Rolled quinoa is not refined, so it retains all the nutrients and benefits of the whole grain. Whole grains are a good source of fibre; essential for bowel health.


Steam rolled organic quinoa

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