Higher Living Organic Cinnamon Tea 15Teabags

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Higher Living Organic Cinnamon Tea 15Teabags

A sweet infusion combining aromatic cinnamon, licorice and zesty citrus peel.

Contains 15 unbleached teabags.

Our Higher Living Haiku:

Fragrant cinnamon

Sweetly spice like apple pie

Warm like summertime


Cinnamon (35%), Fennel, Licorice Root (15%), Orange Peel (10%), Lemon Peels (10%), Ginger

If you're looking for inspiration in your cup, look no further than Higher Living.   Our inspiring infusions have a vibrant taste and an inner strength that's sure to lift your mind, body, and spirit. There are delectable blends to choose from, giving you an altogether fresher, bolder, and tastier cup of herbal tea. And because each one is packed with the best, 100% natural, and certified organic herbs, you can be sure you're getting the best out of your cup.