Global Organics Maple Syrup Grade A 250ml

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Global Organics Maple Syrup Grade A 250ml

Global Organics 100% pure organic Canadian maple syrup Grade A is a completely natural product made by reducing the sap of maple trees to a sticky syrup. Grade A maple syrup has a light brown colour and a delicate flavour.

True Canadian-style maple, this divine syrup is incredibly pure in flavour and perfectly sweet.

Global Organics Maple Syrup contains no flavour enhancers, modified starches or GMO ingredients.


Maple syrup has three grades and five color classifications according to
its clarity, density and the characteristic taste of maple. The color
classification is obtained by determining the level of transmission of
light of the maple syrup.

Canada No. 1 Extra Light (U.S. Grade A Light Amber/Fancy):
Produced at the very beginning of the season, very pale color and
delicate taste. Light transmittance over 75 percent (Québec Grade AA)

Canada No. 1 Light (U.S. Grade A Medium Amber): Produced at the
beginning of the season in mid March. Pale amber in color with a pure,
subtle flavor. Light transmittance 61 to 74 percent (Québec Grade A)

Canada No. 1 Medium (U.S. Grade A Dark Amber): Produced in the
middle of the season, this is the most popular grade available. A rich
amber color and more pronounced flavor. Light transmittance 44 to 60
percent (Québec Grade B)

Canada No. 2 Amber (U.S. Grade B Commercial): Produced near the
end of the season, stronger maple taste and dark color. Recommended
for cooking or for those who prefer a strong maple taste. Light
transmittance 27 to 43 percent (Québec Grade C)

Canada No. 3 Dark (U.S. Grade B Commercial): Produced at the very
end of the season, it has the highest mineral content. This is a very
dark syrup mainly used as an ingredient for food processing. Light
transmittance 0 to 26 percent (Québec Grade D)