EnviroClean Plant Based Liquid Laundry Top Load 1 Litre

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EnviroClean Plant Based Liquid Laundry Top Load 1 Litre
    Tough on dirt gentle on our environment. Formulated from hard working plant-based ingredients, our ultra-concentrated laundry liquid cleans effectively and economically, leaving your laundry beautifully fresh and clean. Suitable for Top loader machines only & perfect for hand washing, all water temperatures.

    No optical brighteners, synthetic fragrance or phosphates.

    100% vegan,  Concentrated, Grey water safe, Palm oil free, No SLS/SLES.

    Purified Water, Plant Based Anionic and Non-Ionic Surfactants*, Emulsifier*, Proprietary Blend Natural Oils* (Fragrance), Food Grade Vegetable Colour*.

    *Plant based

    How to use me:
    Dab directly onto stains before putting into the machine. Suitable for use in top load machines only. Can be used in all water temperatures and hard water.

    1 cap=30ml.

    Hand wash: 15mls to 5 litres water.

    Machine: 15mls to 50mls depending on the load size & soiling.