EnviroClean Plant Based Laundry Powder Pre-Soaker 1kg

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1.2 kg
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EnviroClean Plant Based Laundry Powder Pre-Soaker 1kg
    Tough on stains, gentle on our environment. Fragrance-free laundry powder recommended for powerful stain removal and for brightening whites and colours. Suitable for hand or machine washing in Top or Front Loaders, all water temperatures.

    No optical brighteners, synthetic fragrance or phosphates.

    100% vegan,  Concentrated, Grey water safe, Palm oil free, No SLS/SLES.


    Alkaline Salts, Non-Ionic Surfactant*, Bio Enzymes, Proprietary Natural Citrus Oils* (Fragrance)

    *Plant based

    How to use me:
    Cap = 30ml Machine: Add 25-100gms depending on the load size & soiling. Soaking: Minimum of 2 hours to remove stubborn stains. Add 25gms top 5 ltr bucket water, do not add extra to wash once tipped into the machine. Stains: Make a paste of powder and water consistency of thick cream and dab onto the offending stain, soak then put into the machine.