EnviroClean Plant Based Fabric Conditioner 5 Litres

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EnviroClean Plant Based Fabric Conditioner 5 Litres

    Softens clothes, gentle on our environment. Plant-based fabric softener helps keep clothes, sheets and other fabrics looking and feeling wonderfully soft. Suitable for Front & Top Load machines, all water temperatures.

    No chlorine, synthetic fragrance or phosphates.

    100% vegan,  Concentrated, Grey water safe, Palm oil free, No SLS/SLES.


    Purified Water, Proprietory Biocide*, Cationic Surfactant*, Natural Floral Fragrance*, Food Grade Vegetable Colour*.

    *Plant based

    How to use me:
    Contains anti-static properties that condition, detangle & separate fibres in the final rinse making ironing easier & clothes last longer. Should NOT be poured directly onto clothes. Add 13ms to 25ml to rinse dispenser in machine depending on load size & softness required. Handwash: Add 13ml to 5ltrs water in final rinse.