EnviroClean Plant Based Delicate Wash 2 Litres

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EnviroClean Plant Based Delicate Wash 2 Litres

Cleans and protects delicate fabrics such as silk, linen, wool & lace as well as black garments. Suitable for hand or machine washing in Front and Top Loaders, all water temperatures. Australian Eucalyptus fresh.


No Optical Brighteners, Synthetic Fragrance or Phosphates.

100% vegan, Concentrated, Grey water safe, Palm oil free, No SLS/SLES.

  • Concentrated
  • No phosphate
  • 100% soluble
  • Suitable for front load, top load machines
  • Hand washing
  • Natural and synthetic fibres
  • Woollens, silk, linen, lingerie, towels, natural fibres, etc.
  • Grey water safe for your garden


Purified Water, Plant based Non-Ionic and Anionic Surfactants*, Australian Myrtaceae Oil* (Eucalyptus).

Plant based*

How to use me:
Use with EnviroClean Fabric Conditioner in final rinse for extra softness & static removal.
Dab directly onto stains, following instructions on garment label.