Cook Islands Noni Juice 500ml

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Cook Islands Noni Juice 500ml

Noni Juice is extracted from the fruit of the tropical plant (Morinda trifolia). It is one of the most commonly used herbal medicines among Pacific Islanders and has been used in traditional healing practices for thousands of years

Our Noni is organically grown. Also, it is not harvested in any areas where other fruits or vegetables are grown. There are no unnatural chemicals used anywhere in the area where our Noni is harvested. Tests have proven there is NO TRACE of pesticides and herbicides in any of the Noni fruit used in making our Noni juice.

What is the recommended dosage and when should it be taken?

It is recommended for a first time user in order to get optimal effects, take 60-90ml once a day half an hour before meals. Noni can be mixed with your favourite fruit juice or water to suit your own taste. This initial loading dose should last approximately 7 to 10 days. Once initial loading dose is completed, cut back to maintenance dose for continued effect.

For Maintenance Dose: Take 20ml once or twice a day half an hour before meals. Dosage can be reduced for children and adjusted for body weight and bowel tolerance variations.

What ingredients does Noni Juice contain?

100% Pure Noni Juice (pasteurised). No added preservatives, additives, colours, sugar or flavours. The colour and taste is totally natural.