Ceres Organics Tamari Soy Sauce 750ml

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Ceres Organics Tamari Soy Sauce 750ml

Ceres Organics Tamari Soy Sauce is made with 100% soybeans, naturally fermented for up to 6 months in wooden casks. It is wheat-free and has no MSG or artificial preservatives. The traditional fermentation process allows tamari sauce to develop its unique flavour enhancing properties. Add to gravies, sauces and casseroles. Use as marinade and in stir-fry dishes. Tamari will reduce sodium levels in your cooking without compromising taste. That's because it contains 1/8 the sodium level of salt.


Whole Soybeans, Salt (no free-flow or anti-caking agents), Alcohol (derived from corn) to preserve freshness




Handled on the same line as product containing sesame, peanut, tree nut and gluten