Ceres Organics Jumbo Rolled Oats Wholegrain 700g

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Ceres Organics Jumbo Rolled Oats Wholegrain 700g

One of the oldest foods known to man, millet is highly nutritious and naturally gluten-free. It is considered to be one of the least allergenic and most digestible food available. Millet is tasty with a mildly sweet, nut-like flavour.

Oats are nutrient-rich grains packed with the natural goodness of wholegrain and cholesterol-fighting soluble fibre. They have a pleasant, nutty flavour that makes for a delicious breakfast cereal and a versatile baking ingredient.

Use to make a yummy porridge - use a mix of rolled oats and other grains, cinnamon and dried apple pieces and cook as you would normal porridge. Or make your own bircher muesli with rolled oats and other flakes, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, as desired - soak overnight in soy/rice milk or juice and eat with fresh fruit (grated apple or berries) and yoghurt. Alternatively, use as a classic crumble topping, combining with brown sugar, low-fat spread and a few sliced almonds, sprinkled over your favourite fruit before baking.


Whole Grain Oats


Pack includes an oxygen absorber to maintain freshness. Keep out of direct sunlight.


Oats from Canada, Packed in New Zealand

Allergen disclaimer:

Produced on the same line as products containing gluten