Barnes Naturals Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey 500ml

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Barnes Naturals Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey 500ml

Barnes Naturals Unfiltered organically certified Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) concentrates are made with pure ingredients and no artificial colours or flavours. We offer a straight organic ACV flavour and a second delicious honey version made with pure, organic Australian honey. Importantly, both of these raw, natural products contain “The Mother” enzyme.

For centuries, ACV has been consumed for healing, cleansing and energising. The cited benefits of using ACV are wide ranging and plentiful. The literature and supporters of ACV claim the benefits of regular consumption range from alleviating cold symptoms and sore throats, assisting with weight loss, stomach upsets and indigestion, controlling hunger, curing hiccups, providing an energy boost and even fighting bad breath! Some supporters claim to have even turned to ACV to help fight cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems. As a skin and body application, some advocates claim success with ACV helping to treat acne and dandruff. It really is one of nature’s most versatile tonics. To find out more about ACV, simply type “Apple Cider Vinegar benefits” into your search engine and take a look at the list of literature, reviews and testimonies.

Why Barnes Naturals Organic ACV?

Barnes Naturals ACV is organic and raw, importantly containing “The Mother” which is a living mixture of beneficial bacteria, minerals and enzymes. It develops from the yeasts as a normal part of the fermentation process with natural apple cider vinegar and settles at the bottom of the bottle. Presence of “The Mother” is a sign that you are buying a natural, unfiltered, raw product. With a simple shake of the bottle to disperse “The Mother”, your ACV is ready for consumption.


The Barnes Naturals organic ACV range is sold as a concentrate that you can consume in a variety ways:

  • Add, according to your own taste preference, with purified drinking water for a delicious and refreshing pick me up or thirst quencher
  • Sprinkle over food, salad or vegetables for a zesty flavour boost
  • Experiment with your cooking recipes instead of plain, processed vinegar

At Barnes Naturals we have created a delicious second concentrate containing pure, organic Australian honey. Our ACV with Honey provides a subtle, delicate sweetness to the product’s otherwise traditional, zesty finish.

Barnes Naturals organic ACV is a great addition to your household pantry.

Can I consume too much ACV?

Like most products these days, you should consume ACV in moderation. ACV does contain a high level of acidity and some people have been known to have reactions due to this. As a beverage or a skin application, ACV should be diluted with purified water (or juice) before use. Long-term use of ACV could cause low potassium levels and lower bone density. If you already have low potassium or osteoporosis, talk to your health care provider before using ACV.

Please note, that individual circumstances vary and Barnes Naturals™ does not provide any guarantee about the results you will achieve from using ACV. We strongly recommend you consult your doctor before undertaking any treatment for your personal health and well-being including the use of ACV in your diet.