Apricare Raw Apricot Kernels 500g

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Apricare Raw Apricot Kernels 500g

For centuries apricot kernels have been used for scrubs and bath salts or as a mild abrasive exfoliant. Additionally, Apricot Seeds are used in soaps, salves and scrubs to restore healthy and add a vibrant glow to the skin.


Apricot Kernels make a superb natural exfoliating medium. Crushed or finely ground apricot kernels create a natural exfoliating agent, helping the skin to reveal brighter and smoother look and feel. Rich in oleic acids and vitamins A, B17 and E.


All raw Apricot kernels contain hydrocyanic acid which could be harmful if consumed.


100% raw apricot kernels

May contain traces of shell grit from the shelling process.