Aloe Dent Whitening Aloe Vera Toothpaste Fluoride Free 100ml

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Aloe Dent Whitening Aloe Vera Toothpaste Fluoride Free 100ml

For a naturally whiter smile, try AloeDent Whitening Toothpaste which offers you and your family natural protection against plaque, tartar, cavities and gum disease. With 100% natural origin and a cool, minty taste, brushing regularly with our fluoride-free whitening toothpaste offers a fantastic triple action: cleaning, protecting and whitening your teeth naturally.

Ingredients include soothing Aloe Vera

Silica a natural mineral used to help keep teeth clean, helping to prevent cavities and for natural whitening; P.V.P (Polyvinylpirolidine) which is a food-grade non-abrasive polymer with anti-staining action; Vitamin K for strong healthy teeth; Tea Tree Oil for its antiseptic qualities; and Peppermint oil and Menthol for that fresh minty taste.

For even fresher breath why not use our toothpaste with AloeDent Mouthwash or Fresh Breath Therapy Spray?

Active Ingredients

Aloe Vera


P.V.P (Polyvinylpirolidine)

Vitamin K

Tea Tree Oil

Peppermint & Menthol

As they say a smile can express a thousand feelings without the need of words. So keep smiling with white, brighter and healthy teeth, using the best whitening toothpaste.

The tooth paste is developed with whitening agents that are chemical free and contains natural calming Aloe Vera contents that are fluoride free and absolutely natural, apt to be used by your entire family.

Say no to your entire dental plights like plaque, tartar, cavities and gum problems, after using the best whitening toothpaste that is 100 percent natural, fluoride free, laden with whitening extracts that offers a triple action benefit to make sure your teeth, mouth and gums stay healthy and bright.

It comprises of all the best possible natural ingredients that have been known for their organic and healthy properties, offering excellence where oral hygiene is concerned, like Aloe Vera that acts as a natural soothing agent, Silica being an all natural whitener, Vitamin K to keep your teeth stronger and healthier, peppermint oil along with menthol to give that refreshed mouth each morning. All this combined to give an extremely fresh, white and beautiful smile to your face.

There are many other high fluoride toothpastes available in the markets that are laden with chemicals that spoil your oral cavity exposing it to the highly dangerous chemicals that have scientifically proven adverse effect on your health.

Stay away from toothpaste fluoride and make sure to maintain those pearls with the finest natural toothpaste that has the capacity to protect and maintain the oral hygiene of your mouth cavity in the most natural way.

Its fresh and minty taste would leave you smiling and refreshed throughout the day, while the people around you would just not stop complimenting upon your beautiful and outstanding smile, indeed.