Allan K Suttons's My Colloidal SIlver Traveller SOS 100ml Dropper

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Allan K Suttons's My Colloidal SIlver Traveller SOS 100ml Dropper


Due to my improved and specialised manufacturing process, Allan K Sutton’s – My Colloidal Silver is a naturally alkaline solution so essential for good health.
Allan K Sutton’s – My Colloidal Silver products are packaged only in glass. There are two important reasons for this. Silver ions are stable in glass. So unlike when colloidal silver is made in PET plastics there are no questions raised as to the quality and stability of colloidal silver when stored over time.  
With glass I can guarantee that strength and stability of MY COLLOIDAL SILVER will remain consistent over time. Glass can be recycled, important in our world today. This is a consumer driven demand.My base for manufacturing Colloidal Silver has been in New Zealand for the past 12 years, producing my brand Allan K Sutton’s – MY COLLOIDAL SILVER. 
The manufacturing process has been refined and improved on constantly over many years. In recent years, following the advancement of the electronic industry and further research into how and why colloidal silver works, including what makes it the most efficient, we have been able to re-fine the process further.

We believe we now produce the smallest particle size and stable colloidal silver available to consumers in the Australian and New Zealand markets.
To start the process fresh water is pumped through a complex filter bank containing carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and a UV water treatment unit. From there it enters a mixed bed resin filter followed by .02 micron filter. This produces “pure” laboratory grade water which has negligible impurities, essential to the production of quality colloidal silver. The water then enters the vats, where it slowly and gently ‘brews’ for up to 8 hrs, using a sophisticated electrolysis process that allows minute particles(ions) of 99.99% pure silver to be suspended in ‘pure’ water. The solution is now what is IONIC COLLOIDAL SILVER. Nothing is ever added and there are no preservatives. The solution contains only colloidal silver ions and pure New Zealand water.