Absolute Fruitz Freeze Dried Mango 15g

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Absolute Fruitz Freeze Dried Mango 15g

Who doesn’t love a Mango? Mango is also known as super fruit or the king of fruits. Mango being a seasonal fruit is available during a certain season. So for all those people who love mangoes and crave for it, it’s hard to find it in off seasons. To fulfill the cravings of such, mango crazy people’s Absolute Fruitz has introduced a range of Freeze Dried Mango. It is a process in which 98 percent of water content is removed from the fruit.

Doctors often suggest having your daily intake of fruits, but due to non availability of fruits people mostly skip it. As mango and other fruits are perishable, thus Absolute Fruitz has started providing frozen dried mango to fulfill that nutritional quotient. Mango is known to have many health benefits as in it lowers cholesterol level, maintains sugar level, fights against cancer and contains vitamin C, anti oxidants which are good for skin.

The mango and other fruits that are used in manufacturing this product are made by freezing the fresh fruits and then slowly drying them to remove the water content so as to increase their shelf life and also maintaining the nutritional value. It is packed into slices making it easy to consume. In addition to mango, Absolute Fruitz also provides other dried fruits such as banana, peach, etc. Research has also proven that freeze dried fruits retain their nutrients thus being beneficial after consumption.

Some of the benefits of using the freeze dried mangoes are as below:

  • They are fat free

  • Gluten free

  • Preservative free- no added preservatives

  • Natural flavoring- no added colors or flavors

  • Healthy- highly nutritious includes vitamins, fibers, minerals

  • On the go- easy to carry anywhere, refrigeration is not required

  • Cost effective

  • Easily availability- available even in off seasons all 12 months

  • Sulphur free- no need to worry about side effects

So try one of the available varieties now to stay fit and healthy. Check our other product