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There is a common concern these days over thyroid problems. The thyroid is an important part of the body and, if it does not work, can affect your body in large ways. People with a non-functioning thyroid, or that had it removed, must take medication daily to supplement what is lost. Due to the different thyroid problems, each person’s treatment may change. You may have a minor condition, one where there are few to no side effects, or you may have to get the thyroid removed entirely. You should speak with your doctor to understand your condition fully.

The Thyroid gland has an important role in controlling many of your body’s functions,

For people with a small or minor issue with the thyroid, little action is necessary. While you will want to watch for any changes, and follow your doctor’s guidance if given any, you are at a low risk. You should not have to worry about negative side effects, at least at the moment.

There are thyroid problems that can affect your health, however. Hyperthyroidism, too much of the hormone produced, and hypothyroidism, too little produced, are the big ones. They can affect you physically and mentally. If you have either of these, you may have to have your thyroid removed or you may need professional help for keeping it under control.

For hyperthyroidism, causes include cancer, Graves’ disease, and toxic adenomas. For hypothyroidism, causes include lithium, Hashimoto’s, and entire removal of the thyroid. All causes are major health concerns so you should contact a medical professional immediately.

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When it comes to symptoms, they both have their differences, as well. For hyperthyroidism, symptoms include weight loss, increase hunger, weakness, and increased energy resulting in tremors, lack of sleep, and other similar issues. For hypothyroidism, weight gain, depression, physical changes, weakness and pain, and drowsiness. All symptoms can, and likely will, affect you. Keep in mind that every individual may experience these symptoms. How one person goes through a thyroid problem is not the same as another.

Diagnosis requires a medical professional. In these situations, a doctor will run tests to check the production of the thyroid gland. If the production is abnormal, the doctor may suggest treatment. Treatment includes surgery and medicine, depending on the severity and type. Your doctor will speak to you at length about your specific condition to help you understand it. With the right treatment, thyroid problems are easily treatable and manageable for all individuals. You can live a long, healthy life.

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