Priya Soap

A Gentle Infusion of Essential Oils

When you are taking a shower you want to use the best product possible for your skin and the best products come from goat’s milk and vegetable oil. You want to use these products because only the best is good enough for your skin.

Priya’s goat’s milk soaps are all natural soaps that will leave your body feeling fresh and ready to face the world. Our soap comes with virgin olive oil in it to help make your skin feel smooth and not dry. Due to the fact Priya soaps are all natural you will be taking a luxurious shower and only need to use one soap because it is both gentle for the face and your body all at the same time. The vitamin E that is in our products will aid the virgin olive oil in keeping your skin moisturized and feeling fresh.

Feel Refreshed and Ready to Go

You will even be able to choose what kind of olive oil you want to have in your Priya soap by simply choosing the soap that has the olive oil in it that you want to use. We offer virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil so that you as the customer can pick which one is best for you and your skin.

Priya also provide for you shower milk that is in a liquid form. Our shower milk has real coconut milk in it. If you choose shower milk you will get the added benefit of it be a very milk and gentle soap that is naturally balanced with the correct amount of PH. It is also very good for people with very dry and sensitive skin. This type of shower milk is very vegan friendly and is triple moisturizing, meaning it will leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and moisturized for a very long time.

Cleanse and Nourish your Skin

Not only do Priya offer you shower milk and soap but you can also purchase our shower gels. Our shower gels are mild and extremely gentle on your skin. You will have a rich lather, soap free, and paraben free shower that will leave you feel so clean that you will never want to use any other product again.

From the very first time you use any one of Priya products you will realize that you have found something that you will never stop using. You can feel the difference immediately. Our products are among the best when it comes to moisturizing your skin that you will not want to ever use anything else again.

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