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Metabolic Nutrients for daily Nutritional Support

ICL Health Trace Nutrients supplements are formulated specifically to meet the needs of two types of different patients. The two different types of patients are classified as fast metabolic patients and slow metabolic patients. When a patient has a fast metabolism, there is quite a bit of energy that is used up, and the nutrient that is found in the food that is eaten is quickly used up, leaving almost nothing. When a patient has a slow metabolism, it causes the nutrients that have been taken in to be conserved, meaning that the nutrients stay within the body and the energy that can be gained from the nutrients consumed is conserved. In this case, this individual will usually begin gaining weight, which is usually not welcomed. In order to ensure that each individual has the nutrients that he or she needs without going over the amount of energy that is needed, ICL Health has created a Trace Nutrient product that is specifically formulated to fit your body style.

Obtain all of the nutrients your body requires

ICL Health Trace Nutrients have been carefully designed in order to match the metabolic needs that you have, and by meeting your metabolic needs, you will be able to function at your peak performance level, instead of having to conserve all of the extra energy and nutrients that you are given. It is very difficult to receive all of the nutrients that you require from your food, and if you did eat all of the different types of food that you would need to eat, you may begin gaining weight. Instead of taking this approach and gaining weight that you do not need to gain, simply start taking the ICL Health Trace Nutrients approach and your needs will be calculated for you. Your nutrition is very important, and the ratio of fat to protein to carbohydrates is going to be the determining factor when deciding whether or not you are going to lose or gain weight.

Digestive Aids and Minerals for Better Health

Your body is a machine, and a machine needs fuel to run. ICL Health Trace Nutrients provides your body with the necessary fuel that you are missing from your daily diet, in order to ensure that you perform at your absolute best. A machine without the proper fuel will not run, and your body without the proper nutrition will not function either. ICL Health Trace Nutrients is here to make sure that you stay in tip-top shape and continue living the lifestyle that you want to lead, without having to waste time figuring out how to fuel your body.

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