Fluid Retention

Do you Suffer from Swollen Feet - Fluid Retention

Health is an important asset in human lives and there goes a common saying, “if wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost the many things are lost”. This is in fact true to one sense that when one falls sick becomes unproductive. One cannot work and perform the duties vested. Growth and career will suffer directly if health is upset.

One such condition which is severe and may turn fatal is fluid retention or water retention. This is a typical condition where there is an accumulation of excess fluid or water in the body. Though 70% of the body’s matter is made up of water, at a normal state the levels are maintained in an adequate manner. The evaporation and the absorption rates are kept constant so as to maintain the required hydration level.

Fluid Retention may cause Stiff Joints or a Bloated Feeling

Unusual water or fluid retention in the body tissues and coelom is termed as edema and is a severe medical condition. Typically it is defined as the excess accumulated fluid in the circulatory system mainly the capillaries. Nutrient rich fluid passes through these capillaries and reaches all corners of the body. This is achieved due to certain amount of pressure exerted by the body. Fluid retention may happen due to any changes in that pressure. This pressure will lead to uneven water flow in the body and will result in a flood. This flood of water will show up as a soft swelling in the body.

The system responsible, under normal circumstances, to return the excess fluid to the blood stream is the lymphatic system. Whenever there is a situation of over flooding, the lymphatic system may fail miserably and not return the excess water; this will result in fluid retention.

Reduce Fluid Retention Naturally

There are a few identified reasons that could possibly lead to water retention other than due to accidents.

They are:

1. Protein deficiency in the diet might cause fluid retention. Protein attracts water and thus maintains a balance. If the intake of protein is less, then fluid retention might occur.
2. Certain medications are often seen to be a reason for fluid retention. Certain drugs containing estrogen can inhibit the balance drastically.

Many a times, this condition may be treated using the method of diuretics. However, sometimes it might prove other way round in removing the protein and fluid in a very rapid manner. Other medications will be available to treat such a condition. Di uretic is employed when there is a fluid retain due to kidney failure.

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