Gluten-Free and Easy-to-Digest Floradix Iron and Other Supplements

Are you experiencing iron deficiency, causing you to always feel weak, easily exhausted and groggy? Natural Health Organics has the right product for you—Floradix Iron supplement.

Floradix is another trusted and well-established brand of vitamin and mineral supplements that Natural Health Organics has partnered with, to provide you with more high-quality health food products addressing your different health needs. With the help of this particular iron supplement, we at Natural Health Organics are confident that we’ll be able to help more people acquire the required amount of iron needed by the body to function well. Floradix also has iron formulations that are safe for gluten-sensitive individuals, so they need not worry about severe gastric reactions upon taking this supplement.

Fix Iron Deficiency Naturally with Floradix Iron

Iron is one of the most significant biological elements, and it is not easy for most people to maintain the adequate amount of iron needed by the body, through the diet alone. Iron is needed for haemoglobin formation and red blood cell synthesis, to maintain and enhance oxygen circulation throughout the body. Without sufficient iron stores in the body, a person will generally feel dull and lethargic, and look pale. Women (due to menstruation and pregnancy) and people who are strictly vegan (due to lack of red meat) especially need iron supplements to maintain sufficient amount of iron in the body.

Floradix’s Iron supplement’s unique formulation is highly suitable for the body, as it contains iron gluconate. This the form of iron best absorbed by the body. Floradix Iron also contains Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is significant for better iron absorption. So instead of taking a separate Vitamin C supplement, why not get both in one with Floradix Iron?

Moreover, this iron supplement contains Vitamin B that promotes better neurotransmission, and herbal ingredients that also carry different health benefits for the body. Also take a look at our organic coconut oil range of products that you may use along with iron supplements for more improved nutrition.

Say Goodbye to Fatigue and Increase Your Energy

Floradix Iron is a first-rate iron supplement, which also comes with other essential nutrients needed by the body. With this supplement, you can increase your body’s daily energy levels, be more resistant to stress and fatigue, strengthen your immunity, and enhance your vitality. (On top of our iron supplements, also try our MSM Powder for better musculoskeletal function.)

As one of the best and most reliable health food stores online, we at Natural Health Organics continue to strive to supply you with the safest and most effective health products for your varying health needs.

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