Cuts, Scratches, Abrasions, Wounds

Use a Natural Antiseptic for the treatment of cuts and Abrasions

Cuts, scratches, abrasion and wounds are very common injuries. Cuts and abrasions are areas on the skin that has faced some damage.

However, cuts, scratches, abrasions and wounds are different levels of damage. Cuts are basically considered to be a line of impairment that penetrates through the skin to cause damage to the underlying tissues. Scratches are damages on the surface of the skin and they do not penetrate into the skin and do not affect the tissues. Abrasions are almost similar to scratches that are mainly superficial impairment of the skin. Deep abrasions causes scar. Wounds are deep cuts leading to bleeding. Wounds take quite some time to heal.

How do we get cuts and wounds?

Cuts and wounds occur when we come across an object which is sharp enough to penetrate through our skin. Objects with thin edges like knife, scissors, and razor etc. can cut the skin. Scratches are caused when the body comes in contact with some abrasive surface. Wounds are caused when a person meets with some accident.
Now the question that arises is how we can prevent cuts, scratches, abrasions and wounds. Given below are a list of precautions that can be taken if we want to prevent getting cuts or get wounded.

1. One should be very attentive while doing some work. Carelessness and lack of attention always leads to injury.
2. If there is a lot of distraction around and you are working with something that has sharp edges, it is highly recommended that you should keep the work aside for the time being and then again get to work when you can concentrate on it.
3. One should always increase their knowledge about some object that they are using before starting to use it. This makes them precautious and prevents injuries.
4. Always work in good amount of light so that you can properly see what you are doing.
5. If you are using extremely fine edged objects then it is better to put on gloves to work with.
6. Always hold the object far away from your body while using it, if it is a sharp one.
7. Hold the object from the blunt side of it. The sharp end or side should be kept away from your body contact.
8. Children should be made well aware of the use of knives and scissors and razor blades. Awareness can prevent injuries to happen.
9. It is always advised to keep sharp objects like knives, scissors, nails, tool boxes etc. away from the reach of children.

If these few basic safety precautions can be followed then one can easily be sure to prevent cuts, scratches, abrasions and wounds.

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