Craving Control

Are you Craving for Unhealthy Foods

Every day, we all experience a number of cravings that very seldom we can resist. You have had a nice sumptuous breakfast just an hour back, yet that chocolate cupcake seems to be so irresistible. At 12 in the noon you suddenly feel an urge for some cheesy hot melting pasta. These cravings are common. We get them often. Sometimes we restrict them, and sometimes we succumb to them.

Ultimately we find ourselves blaming these cravings that lead to an unhealthy life, or that extra layer of fat that peeps out from the jeans. But cravings are not just an irrational longing for food that your body experiences and you fail to restrict yourselves. These cravings have some really genuine and scientific reasons.

Some of the causes of cravings include:

1. Dehydration: Your body might not have the correct amount of water that it requires and hence the craving indulges you to replenish the amount of water that your body requires.
2. Nutritional deficiencies: We need to consume the correct and balanced food with all the necessary nutrients that the body requires to function properly. If your body is deficit in certain nutrients then it sends you signal to provide it in the disguise of cravings.
3. Emotional Stress: Sometimes you go through emotional turmoil but you are not actually aware of it. The stress is back there in your subconscious mind. In such a case, you get these cravings which are nothing but a way the body tries to make up for the stress and relax you.
4. Imbalance: Sometimes you have too much of one type food and your body has less of other types of food. Cravings for the lesser type of food consumed is then common.
5. Hormonal changes: Females during their menstruation, pregnancy as well as menopause have hormonal changes that cause food cravings.

Now the question is how should you control such craving?

Craving control is a tough work. If you want to take upon the “Craving Control” task then you have to try the following things:

1. Avoid the triggers for the food you crave and have something you don’t crave for. 2. If you have a temptation for something, just destroy it and run it in front of you. You will not crave again.
3. Drink lots of water and have plenty of nuts. This shall reduce your cravings.
4. Try something with caffeine.
5. Take a small nap (power nap).
6. Freshen up with something minty.
7. Listen to some music or dance or do something that will distract you from the cravings.

These are few craving control tips that might get the better of you and ultimately help you; if not stop your cravings, but definitely reduce them.

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