Celestial Seasonings

True Blueberry Tea Bursting with Flavour

For those of you who don’t already know, Celestial Seasonings is a brand of tea that is very popular among the citizens of the United States. They first started in a little town called Boulder in Colorado. In the humble beginnings this business started gathering various types of herbs and other plant life in the mountains near where they lived, and made tea out of those herbs and flowers with the intention of selling their homemade tea in small supermarkets and farmers markets and other places.

Soon after the beginning, the founders of Celestial Seasonings began making different mixtures of their herbs to make all of the tea flavors that we know and love today. The flavor of these teas that is, and always will be the favorite of everyone who has ever tried it, is the tea called Sleepytime. This tea has many different calming herbs that have the power to help calm you and your mind down after a long day at work, in order to help you relax and get to sleep easily.

Soothing Sleepytime Herbal Tea

All of the people down at Celestial Seasonings take pride in providing you with the best teas available. All of the teas made have a different purpose while having a different flavor, to keep things from getting boring and monotonous. This company specializes in green teas, herbal teas, black teas, and chai teas. All the various types of teas are completely healthy and natural, and will leave you feeling calm and wonderful.

Not only does the tea from Celestial Seasonings help keep you calm and relaxed, they also have a few different benefits that will now be brought to light. Drinking green tea will provide you your daily amount of vitamin C, which we all need, and can be an antioxidant to help your immune system to fight of infections and keep you feeling great and healthy.

Enjoying a cup of our Bengal Spice Herbal Tea.

Many different legends and stories of green tea and many different herbal mixtures of teas, are carried on through the Celestial Seasonings tea company. Green tea, of course, provides you with Vitamin C, various antioxidants, and caffeine to help give you a boost and awaken your sullen spirit, especially first thing in the morning. If you are not the type of person to drink things with caffeine or simply cannot do it, other alternatives are also provided with decaffeinated teas, to ensure you that you will be absolutely calm and that there will not be an overload of energy.

Drinking all natural teas can have many benefits for you, both physically and mentally. If you think it might be something that you would enjoy trying, definitely give every flavor and herbal mixture of Celestial Seasonings tea a try. You will never regret it.

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