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Unique Crystal Deodorants

The Body Crystal is a range of crystal deodorants which debuted on the market over a decade ago. Since then is has earned itself a reputation as a leader in the industry.

The Body Crystal product range have developed the reputation for providing a superior and unique crystal deodorants. Building on the cornerstone of fragrance free rocks, sticks, mists and roll-ons, their extensive range incorporates a number of fragrances and include natural extracts like Aloe Vera.

This range strive to produce the finest quality crystal deodorant products at very affordable prices, combined with its vast range of consumer solutions to personal hygiene.

Crystal Based Sticks and Roll-ons

The Body Crystal pride themselves on being an environmentally ethical company. None of their product range is tested on animals, their range is Environmentally Friendly and all of their products are natural and ozone safe. Not to mention This is a proud Australian owned company.

Ascending waters over thousands of years formed the impressive crystal that The Body Crystal Deodorants are derived from. Its double mineral qualities stops bacteria forming in perspiration which is the cause of body odour. It has been used since ancient times for it's natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

A Good Alternative for your Personal Hygiene

Unique Product Highlights:

  • Use anywhere on the body to prevent body odour.
  • Ozone friendly and safe to use.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin that is easily irritated.
  • Completely odourless Crystals and Sprays available.
  • Non stick.
  • Contains no Aluminium chlorohydrate / Aluminium chlorohydroxide, no alcohols, no parabens.

The Body Crystal is available fragrance free and will prevent body odour, it is not a coverup! So you can now wear your favourite perfume or aftershave without clashing fragrances.

For the full range of Body Crystal Natural Deodorants visit the Natural Health Organics online store today.

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