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Benefit from the Medicinal Properties of Manuka Honey - Bee Products

Everyone likes honey, right? Why not try it in a different, healthier way? With the online health foods store, Natural Health Organics, that can be made possible. Bee Products have three different types of Manuka Honey. You’ve never heard of Manuka honey before? Allow me to provide you with an explanation. This honey is a monoclonal honey that is produced in New Zealand and Australia, from the nectar of the manuka tree.

Bee Products Manuka honey provides many upon many health benefits, all of the benefits having a tremendous positive impact on your physical health. This honey has shown everyone who has tried it, that it has antibacterial properties. Sounds wonderful, right? That is indeed the case. As well as having medicinal properties, manuka honey also, of course, is a wonderful food. Manuka honey is said to have a strong type of flavor, which has been described as “herbaceous, oily, and earthy”. While it may or may not be the tastiest type of honey, it certainly holds the most medicinal properties and benefits. In 2002, a review found that the manuka honey was excellent in the protecting and treating of some kinds of large open wounds.

Healing Qualities of Honey

The major antibacterial component found in the Bee Products manuka honey, is something called Methylglyoxal. The this honey, however, along with other antibacterial products, does not seem to reduce the risk of infection with things like ingrown toenails, as the honey can’t get past the nail to begin treatment and prevention. Every type of Bee Products manuka honey sold by Natural health organics is active, meaning that the manuka honey is able to provide its medicinal benefits.

Antibiotic Features of Manuka Honey

Bee Products can be bought in a “non active” form, but then why would you want it? Some manuka active honeys come in different potencies of the medicinal properties. Some people may find 15+ active manuka honey to be too strong, and leave some side effects on the area that it was placed for its antibiotic features. Not to worry, these side effects (if they occur) are very small, maybe something like a small burning sensation or a tingling, or maybe even an itching. That’s okay though; don’t worry yourself that only means that a weaker Bee Products manuka honey is required. Natural Health Organics sells them in 10+ one kg bottles, 10+ 500g bottles, and 8+ 500g bottles. If you are trying this out for yourself or buying it for someone else as a gift, buying the lowest, 8+, first is recommended. Just to be sure that its not strong enough to cause any negative reactions.

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