White Magic Eco Cloth Glass and Window

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White Magic Eco Cloth Glass and Window 

    Introducing the Eco Cloth Window & Glass by White Magic, the ultimate chemical-free cleaning solution for achieving sparkling and streak-free windows and glass surfaces. This premium cloth is crafted with eco-friendly fibres, offering exceptional cleaning power while minimizing environmental impact. With its versatility and long-lasting durability, it can be used throughout your home wherever glass is found. Here are the key features of this remarkable product:

    • Chemical-Free Cleaning Solution: The Eco Cloth Window & Glass provides a chemical-free cleaning solution for your windows and glass surfaces. With just water, this cloth effectively removes dirt, grime, and fingerprints, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly approach to cleaning.
    • Premium Eco Cloth Fibres: The cloth is made from premium eco cloth fibres that are specifically designed to deliver superior cleaning performance. These fibres effectively capture and trap particles, leaving your windows and glass surfaces spotless and streak-free.
    • Machine Washable: The Eco Cloth Window & Glass is designed for long-lasting use. It can be machine washed up to 500 times, ensuring its durability and maintaining its cleaning effectiveness. This feature makes it a cost-effective and sustainable choice for your cleaning routine.
    • Versatile and Multi-Purpose: While it’s specifically designed for windows and glass, this cloth is highly versatile and can be used on various surfaces throughout your home. It can effectively clean mirrors, glass tables, glass cabinets, and other glass surfaces, providing convenience and versatility in your cleaning tasks.
    • Quick-Drying and Non-Abrasive: The quick-drying nature of the cloth prevents the formation of water spots and streaks on your windows and glass surfaces. Additionally, the non-abrasive fibres ensure that your glass remains scratch-free and in pristine condition.
    • Easy Care and Maintenance: The Eco Cloth Window & Glass is easy to care for. After each use, simply rinse it with water or toss it in the washing machine for a thorough clean. This ensures that the cloth remains clean and ready for the next cleaning task.
    • Environmentally Friendly Choice: By choosing the Eco Cloth Window & Glass, you make an environmentally friendly choice. This chemical-free cleaning solution helps reduce your reliance on disposable wipes and chemical cleaners, minimizing your environmental impact.
    • Suitable for All Glass Surfaces: The versatility of the cloth allows it to be used on all glass surfaces in your home. Whether it’s windows, glass doors, or glass furniture, this cloth provides a convenient and effective cleaning solution for a streak-free finish.

    In conclusion, the Eco Cloth Window & Glass by White Magic offers a premium and eco-friendly cleaning solution for achieving sparkling and streak-free windows and glass surfaces. With its chemical-free approach, long-lasting durability, and versatility, this cloth is the ideal choice for a wide range of glass cleaning tasks throughout your home. Upgrade to the Eco Cloth Window & Glass and experience the benefits of an eco-friendly, effective, and convenient cleaning solution.

    Australia’s No.1 glass & window microfibre cloth, this Eco Cloth is a perfect finishing cloth for that 5 Star hotel look.

    Size: 32 x 32 cm

    How to use

    1. If surface is wet use cloth dry
    2. If surface is dry wet cloth and wring out excess water
    3. Fold into quarters
    4. Use the rougher side first (side with tag on it)
    5. Finish with smoother side


    Where to use

    • Window
    • Mirror
    • Stainless Steel
    • Silver


    Washing Instructions

    • Hot machine or hand wash separately for first wash
    • Wash with other non linting fabrics with small amount of washing powder / liquid
    • Do not use Fabric Softener
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Drip Dry