The Turtle Tribe Corn Floss in Glass Jar Mint 30m

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The Turtle Tribe Corn Floss in Glass Jar Mint 30m

  • 100% biodegradable zero-waste packaging, with registered Australian EAN-13 barcode
  • 100% plastic-free product and packaging (glass vial with metal lid)
  • 30m Corn floss made from compostable, vegan, corn-starch bio-plastic
  • Vegan candelilla wax coating with mint essential oil
  • NO plastic sticker on the glass vial
  • 100% biodegradable cardboard box outer packaging
  • Vegan


    Ned grew up camping on the ocean beach of Moreton Island National Park every year with his family, and saw first hand how isolated beaches have plastic debris washed up every day, including plastic toothbrushes.

    When designing The Turtle Tribe’s bamboo toothbrush, Ned consulted with his awesome holistic dentist, Dr John Sotis of Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care. Dr John encouraged Ned to include features such as:

    • A shorter head, making the brush suitable for all ages but also very good for accessing back teeth
    • Tapered ‘floss-tipped’ bristles for best cleaning of the gum line
    • Only soft bristles to be gentle on enamel

    Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care became the first dental practice in Australia to provide The Turtle Tribe bamboo toothbrushes for their patients instead of plastic ones, showing great leadership in their industry!

    In November 2018 a mentor suggested The Turtle Tribe enter the global ‘Be the Change’ Awards for the Social Impact sector.

    At the awards ceremony in London in April 2019, The Turtle Tribe was announced as the winner of the Be the Change Awards ‘Changemaker of the Year’, a true honour!