Simply Clean Australian Eucalyptus Top and Front Loaders Laundry Powder 4kg

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4.5 kg
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Simply Clean Australian Eucalyptus Top and Front Loaders Laundry Powder 4kg

Australian Eucalyptus Laundry Powder with Oxygen Stain Remover has great all-round performance, on even the dirtiest family wash, work and sports clothes.

Your Family’s Health. Our plant and mineral based laundry powders are toxin free and sensitiser free and contain no artificial fragrances. Our Eucalyptus washing powder uses only pure oil produced in Australia, and did you know that 90% of Eucalyptus oil used in Australia is imported? There are also absolutely no fillers and our powders are so pure they're perfect even for sensitive skins.

Your Environment.

Our laundry powders are phosphate free, palm oil free, contain no animal products and have not been tested on animals.

Your Home.

Our Australian Eucalyptus laundry powder is excellent for all your family’s clothes. It is a low suds formula so it can be used in Top and Front loaders, and works in cold, warm and hot washes. It also has built-in oxygen stain remover so it will deal with the greasiest and dirtiest laundry. Because we pack so much washing-goodness into our products, you get twice the number of washes per kg compared to Australia's leading brand. That's really good for the environment and your pocket.

  • Suitable for both Top and Front loaders
  • Works in cold, warm and hot washes
  • For colours* and whites
  • No artificial fragrances, just native Australian Eucalyptus Oil from the Blue-leafed Mallee
  • 2x the number of washes compared to Australia’s leading brand of laundry powder*
  • Built-in oxygen stain remover saves you money
  • Kind to sensitive skin
  • Grey water safe and septic safe
  • Earth safe AND human friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Comes in a handy reusable pail; scoop included
  • Not tested on animals and no animal products
  • Palm oil free

* Subject to colour fastness of fabric. Check care label. May not suit delicate fabrics e.g. silk