Reach for Life Colloidal Silver 200ml

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Reach for Life Colloidal Silver 200ml

Reach For Life colloidal minerals provides essential nutrients to the body to maintain optimum health. These trace elements are negatively charged and are absorbed immediately in the body. These are best for immune system support, enhanced performance, and for enhanced memory and brain functioning.

Colloidal minerals are required by the body for co-enzymes that are essential in the every chemical reactions of the body, be it digesting food, delivering it to cells or breathing air. These days, modern diets are deficient in these minerals due to modern agricultural practices, soil depletion and less than optimal diets. Colloidal supplements are the best way to get them.

Our Colloidal Silver product features the smallest particle size as it is manufactured using the pure micro fine Silver. These features are what make our Bacteriostatic Colloidal Silver both safe and effective. To make sure that the product complies with our specifications, our each batch of products is analysed very well.

Reach For Life is dedicated to health and wellness, offering the best quality natural supplements. As our Colloidal Silver product is bacteriostatic, it also acts as an excellent water sanitizer.

Original Formulation

Manufactured using pure micro fine Silver in a base of de-ionized Grander Living Water. This product is an excellent water sanitizer.

Note! Our Colloidal Silver contains 50 milligram of silver per litre which is about 16 times more silver than other colloidal silver products.