Organic Times Full Cream Milk Powder 300g

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Organic Times Full Cream Milk Powder 300g

Organic Times is here to offer you the most natural and delicious products created from organic produce for healthier living and a better taste. Our goods are certified organic using the finest quality ingredients and no genetically engineered ingredients, including no GE soy lecithin, providing you with our premium range.

Ingredients (in order of amount of ingredients):

*Organic Whole Milk Powder

*Ingredients certified 100% organic. GMO Free.


Organic Times Full Cream Milk Powder is made from fresh milk supplied by certified organic dairy farmers. Their well-kept, contented dairy cows graze on organic, nutrient-rich grass pastures. As a result provides a rich source of calcium and protein, necessary for strong bones and good health.

A pantry staple; use it to make soups; great for baking bread, scones, cakes & biscuits; make cultured milk, yoghurt & ice-cream; pudding, chocolate & confectionery.
Our product is processed and packaged according to certified organic practices.

Reconstitute organic full cream milk powder with water as a substitute for fresh milk or added as a nutritional supplement to health drinks.

To make 1 x cup of milk – add 1/3 cup (35g) Organic Times Milk Powder to 1 cup (250ml) water (hot or cold). Whisk briskly until dissolved & serve.
To make 1 x jug of milk – add 1 1/3 cup (135g) Organic Times Milk Powder to 4 cups (1000ml) water (hot or cold). Whisk briskly until dissolved & serve.

Your organic milk element; served fresh

The ingredient game

The promised supply of calcium to make those teeth and bones stronger with proteins that boosts up your day is what an organic milk powder can also do in addition to adding that missing milk fat in your cup of tea. The best part is the highly nutritious natural element that such milk powders guarantee you with.

'Preservative free' is another tagline these firms can boast if the process underwent no chemical processes and was completely dependent on mass production with manpower to challenge the problems.

The growing trend

With cakes and baked goods being sent from heaven, this type of milk powder is known to add that fairy touch to baking with its light, dry matter providing an airy and well moist base if the baker knows his game. Having procured the material to use from fresh premium quality milk of well-nourished and healthy cows that are taken care of with adequate supply of all essentials, this milk powder commands it own space in the market.

The choice for a lifetime

Whether it’s about going to the trouble of boiling up that can of milk to make your tea taste better or coffee more in brew, or just adding those easy spoons of white, airy goodness with all the fat and minerals you need out of milk; is at your discretion. But, going for full fat or skimmed when it comes to this particular milk powder is a choice you are given.

There is a noted tendency for this type of milk powder user base to stick to their brand of milk powder as ardently as possible. The promises of a consistent cup of tea throughout the month in comparison to the daily dynamics of using fresh milk is a popular advertising thread in case of milk powder and on top of it to add the ‘organic’ tag to the list the firms really go to the extent of visualizing healthy looking cows in fresh green meadows that looks like slices of heaven on Earth on the background.

The powdered psychology

The obvious pros of becoming the fan of this milk powder are ironically hidden in plain sight;

  • A coping mechanism: the rush hours in metro cities to the even more hectic rush hours from the roads to the offices has made this a ready-to-serve generation that will gladly have anything served to them on a plate. And in came the powder business that turned the daily necessity of a packet of perishable milk into a neatly packed tin that could last for months, grabbing the limelight.
  • The timely beverage promise: for the working masses who depend on a cup of their favourite beverage to pull of the busy gear that would ride on to god knows what by the time the sun dips in to the ocean, the solid promise of a daily cup without fail with all that milk promises was the dead giveaway that made this business the right cup of tea for many.