Ocean Milk Coral Calcium Gold 90 Capsules

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Ocean Milk Coral Calcium Gold 90 Capsules

Calcium strengthens bones and teeth in growing and mature users.

Ocean Milk Coral Calcium Gold capsules contain Ocean Milk Coral Calcium powder plus added Vitamin D which works in synergy with the calcium and magnesium for maximum absorption.

We choose to use Vcaps which are easy to swallow vegetable capsules made from pure plant fibre, free from preservatices, artificial colours, yeast, gluten, ethanol and sugars.

Made from:

100% Pure marine grade coral calcium sourced from Japan which is the highest grade coral calcium (and yes, we do believe marine coral is better than above-sea coral calcium).


Bio-absorbable calcium and magnesium combined in a 100% naturally occurring 2:1 ratio and 60+ trace minerals.

Suitable for:

All ages 2 and over.

What the label says:

A matrix of bio-absorbable calcium, magnesium and trace minerals from below sea Okinawan coral grains. The living reef is not harmed.

Assists the maintenance of acid-alkaline balance for general wellbeing. Calcium strengthens bones and teeth in growing and mature users.

How to use it:

Being a fine tasteless powder, Ocean Milk Coral Calcium can be mixed into your morning smoothie, sprinkled over yoghurt, swirled in your water bottle and even added to cooking as it is not affected by heat. Can be taken with morning and evening meals.

So who uses this:

Most people think calcium is just for elderly women but calcium is actually involved in over 500 functions in the body and is required by people of all ages. Many factors can affect calcium absorption such as diet (lactose intolerant, vegetarian etc), strenuous sports training, previous illnesses and more. Such an important mineral as calcium can have a huge impact on the health of our body, as many people have found from taking Ocean Milk™ and shared their testimonies.

Ocean Milk Coral Calcium benefits include:

  • Balanced calcium/magnesium ratio
  • Helps improve bone strength and density
  • Relieve muscular aches and pains
  • Helps prevent cramps and muscle spasms
  • Improve calcium and magnesium intake
  • Helps improve joint mobility in arthritis
  • Reduce body acidity for cell health

Ocean Milk is manufactured in Australia from the highest quality raw materials imported from Japan. Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and manufactured to the exacting standards of GMP approved laboratories, Ocean Milk™ Coral Calcium is tested for contaminants and quality problems at every stage of the process so that you know you are receiving a quality product when you purchase Ocean Milk™ Coral Calcium products.

Why choose Ocean Milk?

  • 100% natural 2:1 calcium/magnesium mineral supplement
  • Contains no lead, mercury or other heavy metals
  • Can safely be taken by people of all ages
  • Recommended by health practitioners
  • Listed on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Adminstration Register