Nirvana Organics Pure Stevia Extract Powder 15g

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Nirvana Organics Pure Stevia Extract Powder 15g

Nirvana Health Products introduce a Pure Stevia Extract Powder. Highest quality and superior tasting as it is grown organically in its native land, South America and has been extracted without the use of chemicals.

High quality Stevia extract does not have the slightly bitter after taste that has been reported with the use of some Stevia. Powdered Stevia extracts are extremely sweet, many times sweeter that sugar. It is very difficult to measure out the correct amount. You may end up using too much and this can influence your opinion on using this remarkable herbal extract.

Nirvana Health Products have overcome this difficulty by suppling in every container of freshly packaged Pure Stevia Extract Powder a very small measuring scoop that allows for an accurately measured dosage that ensures correct level of sweetness every time. “Enjoy the high quality superior taste and health benefits of Nirvana Stevia Products.”