Natralus Hand and Skin Shield Liquid Gloves 150ml

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Natralus Hand and Skin Shield Liquid Gloves 150ml

Hand Shield Liquid Gloves locks out external skin irritants while simultaneously moisturising your hands beneath the invisible skin protection barrier. Harsh or caustic cleaning chemicals, ink, detergents, dyes, dirt/grime, grease, oil and even fake tan aren't able to penetrate hands if they are protected by Hand Shield Liquid Gloves, which makes it the perfect go-to product for every home or business.

The latest product from Natralus Australia is all about protection. The South Australian owned and operated company have recently added a power-house new product to their ever-growing skincare range - NatraPower Hand Shield Liquid Gloves. The name says it all - Hand Shield Liquid Gloves is specifically formulated to shield and protect working hands naturally.

It can be hard to maintain beautiful hands when everyday tasks such as washing dishes, preparing food or even gardening can wreak havoc on them! That's why NatraPower Hand Shield Liquid Gloves is a must have for around the home. With a nourishing, antibacterial cream formula that absorbs quickly into the hands, it creates an invisible, yet effective barrier for 4 hours plus.