Martin and Pleasance Harmony Menopause 60 Tablets

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Martin and Pleasance Harmony Menopause 60 Tablets

Hormone balance from mother nature. Relief for Menopause and PMT

A woman is a symbol for strength. In her life span, she goes through innumerable pains and still stands strong. In the early 50’s when the monstrous menopause occurs, there appear black clouds in our lives. Hot flashes, irritability, mood swings and anxiety are a few of the problems which we face. To make our lives easier, scientists and professionals from all around the globe have created a miracle formula, which not only fights the symptoms of menopause, but also keep the happy hormones together. This magical remedy is called Harmony Menopause.

These tablets are a combination of all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for our body while undergoing menopause. It supports women when they go through hormonal changes and helps in relieving stress, joint ache, fatigue etc. This medicine can also be taken when one is in perimenopause phase.

This is how it curbs the following problems:

  • Hot Flashes:

It finds out what triggers these flashes and then solves the problem. Let’s say that one is having these flashes when they are having hot coffee. The medicine then triggers the minerals to counter balance the flashes caused due to the coffee.

  • Mood Swings:

One moment everything is ok, and the other the monster is awake! The multivitamins provides support to the females and they feel better and become more rational.

  • Vaginal Dryness:

Being a sensitive part, the vagina undergoes dryness and flaky skin particles are formed on it. Harmony Menopause regulates the fluids of the body and keeps the skin supple and fresh. The dryness can lead to itching and rashes, which are also curbed by the effect of the miracle medicine.

  • Issues while sleeping at night:

Some women go through uncomfortable sleeping at night while undergoing menopause. This medicine helps to achieve sleep without night sweat and regulates the enzymes of the body.

  • Irritability:

Irritation being one of the most common effects of menopause is suffered by several women. Irritability is mostly a result of lack of sleep and hot flashes. So, once the above issues are taken care of, irritability will automatically be over.

  • Fatigue:

Women get tired a lot at the time of menopause. Even after doing a little physical work, our body feels pangs of pain and there is no strength left to carry on. Our body is in need of extra care and by consuming this medicine we get the care that we need. The minerals rejuvenate the cells and one feels bright and fresh.

Women should definitely consider using this product as it does not cause any side effect and helps to keep our body’s hormones and fluids in harmony. It also causes the middle aged women to feel more confident.