Heart Radiance (Australian Wild Flower Essences) Gift Of Time 30ml

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Heart Radiance (Australian Wild Flower Essences) Gift Of Time 30ml

This blend of essences allows higher dimensional, higher frequency assistance and resets the energetic matrix around perceptions of time. Aids being in the present moment, and knowing now is the greatest of life’s gifts. Supports releasing old notions about time being scarce, and releasing fears around time, and life, passing too quickly. Opens us to becoming a human be-ing rather than a human do-ing.


  • Constantly feeling stretched for time, on the run, no time for the self
  • Constantly serving the needs of others
  • Feels time is speeding up
  • Finds it hard to meditate or practice mindfulness

Healing Outcomes:

  • Stress less about busy-ness
  • Assists you to suit your own timing rather than rushing to fit in with others
  • Releases fears about time and life passing too quickly
  • Accesses the present moment

Ingredients: Purified water, Brandy, Vibrational Flower Essences.

HeartRadiance Essences: Ajuga, Apostle Plant, Commelina, Dandelion, Pink Shamrock, Seeing Eye, Silver Wattle, Storm Lily & White Wandering Jew.

Place seven (7) drops of Dose Essence directly under the tongue, twice a day or as required.