Heart Radiance (Australian Wild Flower Essences) Body Love 30ml

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Heart Radiance (Australian Wild Flower Essences) Body Love 30ml

This blend of essences helps you appreciate and feel gratitude for the power and beauty of your body. Focuses you on fine-tuning your health by tuning in to your body. Assists disconnecting from ancestral patterns about how women “should” be.


  • For repugnance or discontent with body
  • For feeling hormonally imbalanced
  • Not feeling right in your body
  • Multiplicity of symptoms

Healing Outcomes:

  • Assists you to tune into your own unique body’s wants and needs
  • Energetically supports healthy balanced functioning of hormones
  • Helps you feel comfortable and joyful in your own body

Ingredients: Purified water, Brandy, Vibrational Flower Essences.

HeartRadiance Essences: Acacia, Black Nightshade, Dandelion, Pink Shamrock, Red Kamala, Snail Vine & Wild Iris.

Place seven (7) drops of Dose Essence directly under the tongue, twice a day or as required.