Fresca Natural Ocean Roll-on Deodorant 50ml

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Fresca Natural Ocean Roll-on Deodorant 50ml

Bolster your spirits with juniperberry and Canadian black spruce. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory on the skin. A clean, crisp fresh scent.


Easy to apply and dries without feeling sticky. Not an antiperspirant, it will allow your body to cool itself the way nature intended and will neutralise your body odour.

Wear Fresca Natural deodorant to the gym, playing sport, out in the garden, to work, around town or just laze about at home and enjoy its unique aromatherapy benefits

Fresh, crisp and inspiring.

Standing at the beach with your eyes closed and breathing in the fresh air.... that's what Ocean smells like.

Juniperberry and Mediterranean Cypress have been combined for their fresh scent. Juniperberry used on the skin unblocks pores and has historic medicinal values.

Mediterranean Cypresse has anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti-infectious qualities. Its aroma is balancing and uplifting and promotes mental clarity. Clean and crisp

  • 100% Natural deodorant
  • All day performance
  • NO aluminium NO alcohol NO parabens
  • Blended with pure essential oils
  • Dries quickly - Not sticky