Eden Health Foods Premium West Australian Bee Pollen 180g

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Eden Health Foods Premium West Australian Bee Pollen 180g

Premium Western Australian raw sun-dried bee pollen. Slightly sweet but not as sweet as Jarrah.

Australian Bee Pollen is collected by bees from the blooms of Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) and Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) trees. The tree is native to Western Australia, where it is a valuable source of pollen and nectar from September to January. This pollen is wildcrafted from the remote Jarrah and Red Gum forests not found near towns or cities or industry of any sort.

What Is Bee Pollen?

In its original state, bee pollen is a fine dust composed of thousands of microscopic particles that enable a plant to reproduce via seed. Pollen is discharged from the anther of a flower and is the major food source for bees and other insects. Worker bees (all females) travel from flower to flower collecting nectar and pollen as they move around. As the pollen covers the bee’s body, she brushes and packs it into specialised hairs on her hind legs to take back to the hive.

How Is Bee Pollen Collected?

Worker bees collect more pollen than the hive needs, so bee keepers are able to collect the surplus in a mesh trap. As the bees enter a hive, they pass through a bank of specific sized holes where the pollen is gently removed and falls into a collection tray. The quality and safety of West Australian bee pollen is second to none.

What Is In Bee Pollen?
Bee pollen is a biologically active compound, rich in vitamins, amino acids, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients. Research at the department of Agriculture and Food has shown that up to 73 fatty acids can be found in pollen.
West Australia has unique plant species in forests and conservation reserves that produce high-quality pollens.

Health Benefits

  • Natural source of protein
  • Low in fat
  • Contains a range of minerals and vitamins
  • Nature’s growth and maintenance supplement

Benefits of West Australian Bee Pollen

Eucalyptus pollens are dominated by an essential fatty acid known as linoleic acid. West Australian pollen proteins are high compared to other plant species. 

Benefits of Jarrah Blossom Bee Pollen
Compared with other pollens, Jarrah has several traits which set it apart. The bright yellow pollen is collected when other sources are not blooming resulting in a single color pollen of unparalleled taste and texture. In addition, the area that the pollen is gathered from is famous for its clean environment. 

Benefits of Red Gum Bee Pollen
Red Gum blossom bee pollen has more potassium, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium than bananas and apples. It has more iron, zinc, manganese and copper than almonds.

Don’t miss out! Try it before it’s too late! This quality product does tend to get snapped up and is not available at all times of the year. Also, with the world environment going the way it is, the bees may not be around for much longer. Unfortunately this is not a threat, it is reality.


Note that in rare cases severe allergic reaction to pollen may be experienced. Those with allergies to bee pollen and bee products should no consume this product.