ColoZone Plus Powder 100g

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ColoZone Plus Powder 100g

ColoZone is 'The Original & The Best' premium colon cleansing and detoxification product available!

ColoZone Plus Powder 100g


ColoZone is 'The Original & The Best' premium colon cleansing and detoxification product available!

Read the latest testimonials from those who suffered for years with Chronic Constipation, Lazy Bowel Syndrome, 'Long Term' Constipation and are now problem free!

Users of ColoZone also report a feeling of calmness and well being in addition to weight loss, decreased appetite and cravings, and an increased attention span. ColoZone has been produced to gently release oxygen into the digestive tract for the purpose of cleansing the system. ColoZone is manufactured from minerals which have been specially treated by a process developed by NASA to obtain maximum possible oxygen release (Molecular Cracking). ColoZone is a natural, safe, effective, however gentle laxative that is used world wide.

ColoZone is safer, because it is natural and does not use drugs (mucosal stimulants) to stimulate the intestines or colon to produce effective relief as do most major brands. The body cannot become immune to ColoZone as can occur with Pharmaceutical preparations.

ColoZone is a nutritional supplement of Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Carbonate made specifically to gently release oxygen in the digestive tract for the purpose of cleansing and detoxification.

ColoZone releases oxygen in the intestines for rapid and thorough, yet gentle cleansing, creating a clean and healthy internal environment and enhancing nutrient uptake.

Colon Cleansing:

It is often said that ALL DISEASE begins in the COLON. A brief conversation with any coroner would confirm this. They will tell you that a person's colon is often impacted to the point where the passageway is occluded/restricted and obstructed by more than 80%.

The ColoZone Solution:

Oxygen provides life and energy to every cell. If the body is abused by poor eating and drinking habits, air pollution, drugs, or lack of exercise, cells are deprived of oxygen and the immune system is weakened. Harmful bacteria cannot grow or survive where there are high levels of oxygen. Our modern sedentary life-styles prevent most of us from processing enough oxygen to resist disease and stay healthy. OXYGEN CAN HELP REVERSE THIS TREND. By introducing oxygen and ozone (air purifier & water sterilizer) into the intestines and the colon, one can assist digestion, as well as oxidize and dispense undigested material.

It is common for ColoZone to turn the undigested material into C02 and water. ColoZone provides an aerobic environment in the intestines and colon. Many people have found that the ColoZone cleansing regime has results for differing problems that they have had for years. ColoZone unclogs areas through gentle oxygenation and allows the body to work efficiently again. Remember, it is said 'that all disease starts in the colon'.

Get rid of that putrefying matter and blockages and give your body a chance to do the best job it can to bring you to optimum health and provide you with a head start for the rest of your life!

Suggested use:

ColoZone should be consumed on an empty stomach and one should wait 1.5 hours after taking it before eating. (Contact your Health Professional first for advice if you are taking any medication).