Biotta Carrot Juice Organic 500ml

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Biotta Carrot Juice Organic 500ml

Rich in natural beta-carotene (provitamin A) - essential for vision. Our lifestyle (computer, TV, night driving, reading and writing in artificial light) places an enormous strain on our eyes. The body's vitamin A usage can drastically increase. Vitamin A also has a very positive impact on skin pigment formation.

Ideal for health and wellness
Carrot juice is delicious, healthy and an excellent source of Vitamin A… drinking carrot juice is a smart way to give your whole body a boost.

High in Vitamin A 
  • May promote healthy eye function 
  • Plays a key role in immune system function
  • May help the body to heal after a strenuous workout and may assist muscle growth
  • May prevent premature wrinkling, acne, dry skin, and pigmentation

Valuable source of antioxidants
  • May benefit your immune system
  • May lower risk of cardiovascular disease & stroke
  • May reduce breast cancer risk 

Liver support
  • Toxins in the liver may be released & excreted after regular consumption of carrot juice 
  • When the liver functions well, it prevents the accumulation of fat and aids in its rapid digestion, which may prevent weight gain and obesity
Organic Carrot Juice (Lacto-fermented)